The last romantics
Frederick William George

Works of The Last Romantics

Ever since the watershed marked by the Barbican Exhibition: The Last Romantics (1989) Liss Fine Art have continued to focus on the extraordinary flowering of talent that occurred in Britain from the decline of Pre-Raphaelitism, in the late 19th century, to the rise of "Neo-Romanticism" in the 1940s.
Often working in Tempera this diverse group of artists had in common an interest in the British Narrative tradition. Although artists such as Burne-Jones and Stanley Spencer now loom large in the public's imagination the majority of Last Romantics are less well known - a stable of unsung heroes and heroines who make up a compelling chapter currently absent from most accounts of 20th Century British Art.

John Hassall   William Dacres Adams   Averil Mary Burleigh   Frederick Carter
Charles Sims Margaret Gere   Harry Morley
  Stanley Spencer
Fyffe Christie Henry J Hunt   Joseph Southall
  Mary Adshead